Avenue Q

Ali discusses the hilarious musical, Avenue Q, music and lyrics by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx and book by Jeff Whitty.

Check out the Avenue Q Reunion | Stars In The House.


2 thoughts on “Avenue Q”

  1. I LOVE Avenue Q!!! As a fellow English graduate, I also find Princeton a sadly relatable character XD
    Such a great soundtrack. When you played the opening number at the beginning of the podcast, I actually went back and listened to it again because it’s so goddamned catchy! XD
    I actually had kind of a similar experience discovering this show. I saw this video on YouTube that dubbed “The Internet Is For Porn” over some Sesame Street clips. Not being familiar with the musical at all, I remember being so confused and thinking this couldn’t possibly be real XD
    I was lucky enough to see a production of the musical here in Vancouver, BC, a few years back. It was hilarious! Needless to say, we got some big laughs from “My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada.” And of course they made a Trump joke during the “For Now” song XD
    But for me the funniest moment happened BEFORE the show, when I was buying my ticket. There was a lady at the box office with her two young kids, and the cashier was warning her that the show is NOT for children. Apparently she’d just looked at the poster and assumed the show was family friendly because it has puppets XD


    1. Oh wow that’s so funny, definitely an easy mistake though. Good thing the cashier at the box office warned her at least haha. Thanks so much for listening and commenting, glad you enjoyed!


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