About Ali

I’m Alison (Ali for short), the host of Storytelling Saga, the podcast that shares stories. I started this podcast because I wanted to have another platform to share my passion in life: writing. In this podcast, I share my own original works and discuss the art of storytelling from my favorite books, TV shows, movies, etc.

Although I enjoy many forms of writing—fiction, playwriting, screenwriting—I’m pursuing a career in writing for television, both animated and live-action shows. In addition to writing several original pilots, I’ve written spec scripts for Modern Family, New Girl, BoJack Horseman, American Dad, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and more.

I love the power of storytelling and how it connects us all. I hope you’ll enjoy this podcasting journey with me and that Storytelling Saga will inspire you to share your own stories with the world.

As always, write what you love. ❤

Send me any questions, comments or writing prompts: storytellingsaga@gmail.com

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