About Ali

I’m Alison, the host of Storytelling Saga, the podcast that shares stories. I discuss the art of storytelling from my favorite TV shows, books, movies and much more. I also share short stories I’ve written and interview special guests that include writers, directors, artists, actors, etc.

I’m currently pursuing a career in writing for television, specifically TV comedy. I’ve taken courses and writing workshops with Jacob Krueger, Jerry Perzigian, Jen Grisanti, Ron Marz and Brent Forrester. I’m also a member of Storyteller Academy founded by Arree Chung, where I’ve been learning to write and draw picture books with the goal of getting published and establishing my author brand.

In addition to writing original comedy pilots, I’ve written spec scripts for Modern Family, New Girl, BoJack Horseman, American Dad, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, A.P. Bio and more. My Modern Family and BoJack Horseman scripts each placed as a quarter-finalist in a TV writing contest. I also received an honorable mention for a Creative Writing Award for an original one-act play I wrote called The Things We Learned in Detention.

I love the power of storytelling and how it connects us all. I hope you’ll enjoy this podcasting journey with me and that Storytelling Saga will inspire you to share your own stories with the world.

As always, write what you love. ❤

Send me any questions, comments or writing prompts: storytellingsaga@gmail.com

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