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The Big Bang Theory + “The Left and Right Brain Dichotomy”

Ali discusses the hit sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. She shares her favorite episodes, memorable scenes and sweet couple milestones. She also shares fun behind-the-scene details from her experience attending a taping of one of the final few episodes of the series. Afterward, she shares a Big Bang Theory story she wrote called “The Left and Right Brain Dichotomy.”

The Big Bang Theory

4 thoughts on “The Big Bang Theory + “The Left and Right Brain Dichotomy””

  1. Thanks Ali for you mention!! I blushed when you mentioned my artworks haha. And thanks for sharing your experience at the taping as well. You did here a good walkthrough this amazing show!! PD: I need to reread you fic!!


  2. What a wonderful podcast. Was great listening to you and thanks so much for the mention, was a nice surprise! I also tried to get tickets for the taping before, but even though I kept refreshing all the time, I never saw them available. Truly felt like winning the lottery as well, when I got tickets for April 2 taping. I love to see the cast in person. As fun Mark is, I was often honestly more focused on what’s happening on stage. I also saw Jim dancing. Loved that so much! Good to know about him and Mayim waving, I didn’t see that. I sat in front of Penny’s apartment, in row 4. I also loved to see Kripke and was sad that one scene got cut out. Before they filmed that, I heard Kunal mumbling “Chocolate Cream Cheesecake” and when I entered the sound stage, I heard Jim, probably reading his lines. I could not understand what he said, but it was great that was the first thing to hear being back there. Attending a taping is such a special moment and experience. It’s even more fun to be there and watch with fellow fans than watching at home. Love that your Mom enjoyed it as well. And you saw Jim in an Act of God, too? I loved that so much. I wish I could hear him sing that song at the end again! I was in second row, right on the aisle and the one who played one of the angels stood next to me for a while, so it kinda felt like Jim was looking at me while he was talking to him. He is such a nice man. I could briefly talk to him at the A Kid Like Jake Premiere weekend last year.
    I really love your fic – btw I also wrote one a couple years ago. I never dared to publish before, but last year I thought “now or never” and shared it in my Christmas post. It’s about what I learned from the show and what I would put in one entire episode. I also wrote my final scene of the Big Bang finale, and posted it on my page one day before it aired. If you wanna read, I can give you the direct link. Big Bang simply inspired me to write and be creative again. I met so many wonderful people, so this show will always keep its special spot in my heart.


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